Chicken is also called as white meat. It includes less fat and is one of the best sources of protein. Chicken Curry is DesiTurka’s most popular dish and this blog is dedicated to all Chicken Curry lovers who appreciate the dish but make blunders while preparing it.

Here, we list some common mistakes that you must be doing while in the preparation of Chicken Curry.

Not frying onions properly

Onions are an important ingredient in this dish and are put in the first step of making a curry. It is both chopped to be sautéed or fried or grinded to make a paste and then cooked. It’s one of these methods which decide the texture of your chicken curry and if the onions are not fried well or are over-cooked then it might affect the taste of the curry.

Not frying the spices enough

After adding the spices, most people rush to complete the recipe. If you do not give a considered amount of time to let those spices get mixed and absorbed with the onions or the chicken pieces, then it will affect the flavour of your curry. It won’t be as rich in taste as you want it to be.

Adding garam masala at the beginning or middle of cooking

One of the most flavourful spices is garam masala. It is a delicate combination of all major spices that should not be added at the beginning or middle of cooking the chicken curry, as it will merely cover the flavour for which it is famous. This will add a burst of flavours to your final dish.

Rushing into cooking

One of the common mistakes is taking the dish off the flame as soon as the pieces are cooked. Chicken curry takes time to prepare, and speeding through the process is the most common story and mistake done in household cooking.

Not smelling the curry while it’s cooking

When you will start cooking more often, you’ll notice that each ingredient contributes a distinct flavour to the dish. Like, while cooking chicken curry, the onions put in the recipe begin to smell slightly sweet, signalling that they are ready to be cooked with the ground spices. As a result, make sure to observe the dish through the nose too.

These were some of the mistakes that people knowingly or unknowingly tend to do. But to get the best flavours in your mouth and even enhance the taste of the dish, one should avoid doing such common mistakes.

Happy Cooking!

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