Flavorful India in Canada

India is well-known for its generous and diverse cultures, languages, and cuisines. It is the food that serves to bring people and their relationships together. Well, Indians are the big-time foodies and are resided in different parts of the world but still, Indian food has had its struggle to make its home in different countries.

Many people believe that Indian food should not be eaten on a regular basis due to its spicy and flavorful spices. However, this is not the case, Indian food has much variety when it comes to healthy and nutritious factors. Many healthy options are available in Indian food’s vegetarian segment itself.

Firstly, the reason for the spread of Indian flavors in other parts of the world is Habitation. It had placed a huge impaction the crisscrossing and spread of various cultures throughout the world. As a result, many Indians (mostly Punjabi, also known as Punjabi Canadians) live in Canada for work and various other reasons, and to add, Canada is now also referred to as a Mini-Punjab. Secondly, the tempting flavors of Indian food have merely raised the demand for itself among the people.

At present, many Indian restaurants and chefs are working and are well established there. The modifications done to Indian food in Canada are commendable, as they took into account Canadian tastes and merged Indian flavors to make the food more delicious, soulful, and pleasurable.

In India, the most significant ingredients in traditional cooking are butter and cream.Punjabis in India are incomplete without that extra Makhan (butter) added on top of every food they eat, whether it’s any kind of parantha (bread/naan) or any other dish. These two ingredients have been reduced in the amount of consumption from the recipes used in Canada, in order to make the Indian food low fat and light.

For that matter, samosa is the most loved snack. It features a savory filling and comes in a variety of shapes, such as triangular, half-moon, and cone shapes. It is a famous appetizer in many regions of the world. It has evolved itself with every place it has visited. In India, it has a filling of spiced potatoes, onion, and peas and is mostly given a triangular shape before it is fried in oil for crispy texture and flavor, and is served with a chutney. However, in Canada, the filings may vary, and therefore any kind of savories can be added as per the taste. Because Canadians are more health-conscious, therefore these samosas can also be baked.

Indian cooking has gained popularity in recent years, but there is still a long way to go in terms of properly understanding traditional Indian cuisine. With all of this in mind, Indian food is becoming increasingly popular and is liked in Canada, even if it is significantly adapted from traditional dishes. This could be attributed to the use of healthy spices including turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and others.

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