India is a treasure mine of delicious food linked with celebrations due to its rich culture and heritage. Food plays a significant role in all their celebrations. Indians show their affection through food but sweets are also an integral part of each festival. Different types of Indian sweets are associated with different festivals, and different sections of India prepare their unique cuisine specialities for celebrations.

DesiTurka Indian Cuisine with Indian sweets in Canada is a hideaway. A jewel in the centre of Burnaby. This place will surely catch your heart with its wonderful taste and atmosphere. A place to meet the desire for Indian desserts. The menu is full of Indian desserts such as Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Rasmalai, and many more.

Here are some famous Indian desserts to be found in Canada that you must try.

  • Gulab Jamun

It’s a north Indian dish made with milk solids. The major components are khoya and saffron, and the delicacy of the dish comes from the Indian subcontinent. Saffron is usually added after it has been dissolved in a little milk, giving it a nice yellow-orange hue.

Gulab Jamun is prepared in different ways by different chefs. While making, the proportions of the ingredients are crucial. To prepare this dessert, milk powder balls are cooked in oil and coated in a sugar syrup called chashni. It is the most famous and unique sweet to have, as these are soft-balls which are delightful to have.

  • Gajar (carrot) Halwa

Carrots have their own distinct flavour. Because of the colour and texture of these carrots, Gajar (carrot) ka Halwa is a well-known and popular sweet dish during the winters in India.

While making this popular dessert, one thing that the cook has to remember is that it has to be cooked on a low flame. It is a slow process though, but this is also the secret beauty of this delicious dessert, as it enhances the texture and taste.

  • Rasmalai

This particular Indian dish is loved by every Indian. This dessert particularly originated from Bengal and there it is pronounced as Rossomalai. Ras means ‘juice’ and malai means ‘cream’. It is made from a mixture of both: juice and cream.

The soft and creamy balls soaked in liquid, and flavoured with cardamom are a great delight. Also, the serving temperature of this dish is cold, making it a perfect option for gifting.

  • Kheer

It’s prepared with only three ingredients: milk, sugar, and rice, making it one of the best desserts for any occasion.  It is an old Indian dessert that was often offered as Prasada in Indian temples.

The delicacy, texture, and taste lie in the slow cooking and the ratio of the ingredients mixed. Made from just three basic ingredients, cardamom, desiccated coconut, raisins, saffron, almonds, pistachios, and other nuts and dry fruits help to enhance the flavour of this dessert. It is also famously known as Indian rice pudding. One must definitely try this Indian pudding!

  • Soan Papdi

It’s one of the most traditional and delectable Indian desserts, and it’s been served at Indian celebrations for decades. The real taste and layers created while cooking soan papdi are the most promising aspects of this delicacy. There are a lot of new flavours and versions of soan papdi in recent years, but the traditional flavour is still the best. Soan papdi has the longest shelf-life and is mostly loved by everyone as the layers and strands are so finely curated that when you have a bite of it, it dissolves in your mouth giving you creamy and a good flavour.

Hence, these are some of the best Indian desserts to be found in Canada and to taste authentic flavours of India, then DesiTurka Indian Cuisine is the place to be at, with the best atmosphere, environment, and flavours to enjoy.

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