Baking is probably the oldest form of cooking where food is cooked through dry heat, especially in some kind of oven. Baking is one of the satisfying cooking techniques which many love to do, but for many, it is a big task. To start baking, all you really need are some key must-haves that can help you build your baking arsenal.

Here are the top 10 basic baking essentials that every beginner baker should have in their kitchen.

Measuring Cups

Now, the guesswork is out of baking as measuring cups have become the most essential part of baking. Without these, one can’t bake a proper recipe as every ounce or gram can make a difference.

Measuring Spoons

It is equally important as the measuring cups. Baking is an exact science, so you need to make sure about the exact quantities used in the recipes.

Baking Parchment Paper

Baking parchment paper is a must for baking. It is a greaseproof paper that helps in non-sticking food when baking, like biscuits, cakes, bread, etc. It couldn’t be simpler than this that in the market many greaseproof circles and side liners are available according to the size of your tins.

Cake Tin

There are many different types of cake tins available in the market in different shapes, sizes, and materials. For beginners, it is not necessary to have each size of the cake tin in your kitchen.

Loaf Tin

A small baking tin, such as a loaf tin, will come in handy for all your tea cakes and trials in which you might be testing a recipe out!

The loaf tin, of course, allows you to make a cake that looks like a loaf of bread. A loaf tin is a must-have if you’re starting as a beginner, as its ideal for some wonderful banana bread and, of course, for bread and even babka!

Silicon Spatula

It is the one that is an underdog in the essentials of baking but is every baker’s best friend. It is really an invaluable tool but is like a magic wand. It helps in scrapping batter out from the utensil completely and folding ingredients together without making the batter stick to itself.

Cookie Cutters

Every baker bakes cookies at some point therefore, this is the one item you should have in your kitchen.It makes the process of cookie making much simpler, as this helps to cut cookies in a much similar and presentable manner. These are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials and are quite convenient to use.

Rolling Pin

Rolling pins are easily available in every kitchen. In baking, it can be used for rolling out biscuits and cookie dough or sugar paste and marzipan to cover a cake. It helps to give an even result and presentation.

Cooling Rack

It is a wire-framed rack that is used for cooling food. When you bake a cake, biscuits, or anything, it becomes important to let the dish rest for a while on the cooling rack to hold its shape and let the temperature fall. It again comes in many shapes and sizes.

Protective Transportation

It is last but not the least in the list but is an effective and efficient way of transporting your bakes to the final destination. Handy bake and carry trays are a fantastic space-saving solution. In this, you can simply bake, and then pop it on the carry handle for easy transportation.

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