The majority of Indians need Indian cuisine to truly feel at home after going overseas. We want the consumption of our “atta” (whole-wheat flour), dals (lentils), Indian veggies, masalas, and Indian snacks to blend smoothly into daily life simpler. Nowadays, finding exactly what you want is not difficult.

Indian restaurants may be found in even the most remote and small towns because Indian cuisine is so well-liked worldwide. You only need to search for “Indian restaurants near me” on Google, and voilà!

Isn’t there an endless variety of Indian food? Well, perhaps not. That’s the impression you’d have if you went to a typical Indian restaurant in Burnaby, Canada unless you went to a specialized place like DesiTurka Indian Cuisine.

  • Chicken Tandoori and Chicken Tikka

These are variants on the same theme: tandoor-cooked marinated chicken. Since a tandoor is required to make such dishes, and it wasn’t always easy to get one, even in India, hence these dishes didn’t travel outside their country until the late 1960s. But now, at DesiTurka Indian Cuisine, tandoori dishes are all prepared in the tandoor to give the authentic taste of India.

  • Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala

Even though both dishes contain chicken tikka, they are not the same. In the 1950s, butter chicken became famous in Delhi, India, and it takes some skill to prepare. Skilled Indian restaurateurs in Canada helped make the chicken tikka masala popular, and one of its original ingredients was a specifically made condensed tomato soup/gravy. To properly cook the chicken and allow our chef’s ground masalas to absorb, you must have certain cooking abilities.

  • Chef’s Desi Dal Turka

It is a classic dal recipe that is rich, creamy, and full of butter. It is a recipe that is unquestionably popular and simple to cook perfectly. This dal recipe is the most popular dish at the DesiTurka Indian restaurant. It is typically served with naan, paratha, or some cooked rice.

  • Biryani

Every region of India has delicious biryanis to offer. Sadly, finding any of these in Canada is difficult. The handmade gravy served at DesiTurka Indian Cuisine, however, is made using a variety of vegetables, pre-cooked rice, and Indian spices. It is then finished in a skillet.

It’s the ideal option for foodies who want their rice spiced and dotted with soft chunks of chicken or beef. Although Hyderabadi Biryani is a southern cuisine, it is popular nationwide and even overseas. At dinner parties, it is prepared in the “dum style,” piled with fried onions and mint, and served with chili raita.

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