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Are you one of them who are curious enough to know what is the specialty of Indian bread? Then you are landed in the right place because here we will be covering all the different and traditional specialties of Indian bread. Bread is widely an integral part of Indian cuisine which is quite affordable on a budget. It is said in India that bread is only the cuisine that can be afforded by all the classes of people whether they are poor or rich. However, the variations in the bread reflect the diversity of Indian culture. Generally, bread is the food of north Indian people, and the ingredients used in making the bread are known as atta or maida. To start making the bread it is necessary to mild the flour and flattens them by rolling. If the process then you can bake the bread on your tawa. Many different specialties of bread are found in the diverse nation. We will be covering some of the varieties of Indian bread that have the ability to mod up with delicious curry or chutney.

Here are some specialties of Indian bread

1. flatbread (Chapati)

It is one of the common bread which means ‘roti’ in Hindi. The Indian culture has diverse language that’s why some of the food are known with different names in specific regions. It is also known as Indian flatbread which is usually prepared the milding the flour and rolling it in your palm. The cooking process is finished by using Tawa which makes the roti fully cooked and ready for eating. If you are not aware of the chapati ability then let me make you aware that chapati has the privilege of pairing with any gravied curry or chutney. Chapati is India’s most common stable food.

2. Stuffed flatbread (Paratha)

When we talk about the preparation of dough for preparing stuffed flatbread it is almost the same but the stuffed flatbread is denser than the chapati and chewier and crusty. Crunchy and chewy texture in paratha is achieved by layering a plate of ghees and folding them technically to give them the shape of paratha. It is baked on the hot Tawa before getting fried which results in crispy and thick paratha.

3. Oven Baked FlatBread

The best-served bread of India with tandoori or chicken is Naan. It is one of the famous food of Indian culture and people have great interest in consuming Naan as their meal. It can be easily baked in the Tawas or oven but if you go traditionally it is baked near the tandoor where a series of heat are given under the chulha to make them fully cooked. The main important thing while serving the Naan is to make sure to brush it with the ghee or butter.

4. Puffy Flatbread

The most famous food of the Punjab region is where pujabies use maida in their bread to convert it into fluffy puri. It is almost like the shape of roti but it has the replacement of atta with maida. The bhatura is eaten with spicy chole or chickpea curry. The bhatura are served across India as breakfast and count in stable food too. This is deep-fried bread that might convert your mouth into a watering mouth. The recipe is very simple and spicy chole can be replaced with Allo & Paneer gravy.

5. Deep Fried FlatBread

It is almost prepared in every house during an occasion or in any party function. Poori is the only food first strike the person’s mind during the festival and party. Poori has acquired a certain place in the people’s heart and can be served both in breakfast and lunch.

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