• Choose high-quality ingredients

When it comes to meat, you typically get what you paid for. Paying a bit extra for a top-notch cut of meat is a simple approach if you’re a novice cook who wants to enhance a steak’s flavour without putting in too much work. Look for the beef that has the fattest marbling when selecting the proper cut. The taste is worth a bit extra money, even though the price is higher.

 • Use a meat thermometer

To know when the beef is cooked generally the internal temperature should reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit, the same goes for ham and pork. The meat thermometers are handy and helpful to know the doneness and apart from this, many people are unaware that meat continues to cook even after being taken off the heat.

 • Touch raw meet

Refraining from handling meat will stop you from seasoning meat or testing the doneness of a steak, therefore touch the meat. When handling raw meat, it is essential to practice good kitchen hygiene. Hands should always be washed before and after handling meat, and anything that comes in contact with raw meat should be cleaned and sanitized before being used again.

• Never stab or pierce your meat to flip it on the grill

 The final flavour of the meat can be greatly influenced by how you handle it while grilling. Poking anything sharp into the meat while it is being grilled is never a good idea because this might cause the proteins to become drier and less delicious. Use tongs or a spatula to turn meat on a grill properly. Never use a cutting fork on the meat unless you want to drip the flavorful juices onto the fire.

• Let the meat rest after cooking

 Almost all grilled food, including steak, beef, and chicken, will taste better if rested for a few minutes on a plate or cutting board before serving. The searing heat of a roast or streak drives the meat juices to the centre, where they remain until the meat is allowed to rest.

These are some of the tips shared by chefs of Desi Turka Indian Cuisine restaurants which would help you to omit the mistakes you do while cooking.

Happy Cooking!

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